Asgard’s Wrath


By paul November 15, 2019

The Clean Cuts team has finally come up for air after three years working on the highly anticipated Oculus Rift exclusive “Asgards Wrath.” In this epic VR action-adventure RPG game based on Norse mythology, you play as a mortal hero, transforming into a god and training beasts to battle monstrous enemies.

We crafted everything you hear across the six sagas in the game: unique weapons, intimidating creature voices, and lush ambiences. Creating the assets for the 30+ hour epic was half the challenge but the step of FMOD implementation and mixing breathed life into every sound and immersed the player fully into the world of Asgard’s Wrath.

2019 IGN’s Best PC Exclusive of 2019, Nominated Best VR Experience Global Game Awards 2019

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