about us

It seems simple enough, but truly hearing what someone has to say is a skill that is often taken for granted. At Clean Cuts, we’ve worked hard to perfect the art of listening.

We take pride in listening to your ideas before providing our own, ensuring that your vision is at the heart of everything we produce.

Ultimately, our goal is to move people – from excitement or tension to sadness or elation – we can work with you to ignite an honest emotional reaction that not only connects with people on multiple levels, but also reflects who you are.

why us

Hey, what can we say? We just like to play with sound and music.

So how are we different from everyone who more or less says the same thing? Because from the moment you walk in, you will notice that the art of listening drives everything that we do. We can help make your project better while in the process of making your life easier. We push ourselves to the highest technical and creative levels so that in the end, we are just as thrilled and as proud of the outcome as you are.


company history

We’ve done so much over the last 35 years, it’s tough to know where to start. 

From our roots as a small indie record label in the 80’s, we have continually grown and developed, adding new talent and new capabilities each year. Right now, there’s nothing we can’t create. 

Our audio work has won everything from Emmys to Addys. Our musicians have written for commercials, documentaries, stage and screen. We’ve produced audio for television networks like Discovery, Nat Geo and TLC, as well as video game publishers like 2K, Bethesda and Marvel Games. No matter what the purpose, our clients trust us to help launch their biggest properties.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our safety protocols have been reviewed and approved by SAG-AFTRA for in person voice recording. Click here for more.