It seems simple enough, but truly hearing what someone has to say is a skill that is often taken for granted. At Clean Cuts, we’ve worked hard to perfect the art of listening.

We take pride in listening to your ideas before providing our own, ensuring that your vision at its heart of everything we produce.

Ultimately, our goal is to move people – from excitement or tension to sadness or elation – we can work with you to ignite an honest emotional reaction that not only connects with people on multiple levels, but also reflects who you are.

We push ourselves to the highest technical and creative levels so that in the end, we are just as thrilled and as proud of the outcome as you are.

Clean Cuts. Sound like you mean it.


Hey, what can we say? We just like to play with sound and music.

So how are we different from everyone who more or less says the same thing? Because from the moment you walk in, you will notice that the art of listening drives everything that we do. We can help make your project better while in the process of making your life easier. We push ourselves to the highest technical and creative levels so that in the end, we are just as thrilled and as proud of the outcome as you are.


We believe that what really makes a story come to life is when music and sound design work together harmoniously. So, our team goes above and beyond by specializing in:

Creative Sound Design

Sound design isn’t just adding an effect here or there, it is an essential creative element to any production. And our sound designer/mixers use a seemingly infinite library of elements to develop and create a comprehensive, custom crafted, sonic environment for each and every piece they touch.

Custom Music Composition

From scoring a movie or television series to high profile ad campaigns to the next award winning video game or app, Noise Distillery knows how to tell stories through music. They’ll not only pull you in and engage you, they’ll also change the way you think, feel and experience a project.

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Xplodr is a custom music pack designed to give you exclusivity and flexibility for longer form video pieces. We create a comprehensive toolkit for your project and using simple drag and drop editing, you can simply combine, modify or explore shifts in dynamics and mood for post score like results in a snap. Xplodr is unlike any other music solution.

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Virtual Reality Audio

Audio is an essential part of any VR project. And to truly immerse users in a 360° experience, the audio needs to track with – or even lead the user experience as they turn to hear the audio. We have proudly been on the forefront of VR Audio and our expertise can help make your VR project become mind-blowingly immersive.

Audio Post Production

With over 20 years of experience, our seasoned and award-winning audio sound designer/mixers strike just the right balance between the art and the science of post production. We can carefully craft a story with sound to captivate your audience, and have mastered all the complex deliverables that can go along with it. These audio components are not only important to us – they are our specialty.

  • 5.1 & Stereo Mixing
  • ISDN, Source Connect, Phone Patch, Skype
  • ADR

Video Game Audio

The only thing we love more than playing video games, is crafting complete interactive soundscapes for them. So if you’re using fmod, Wwise, Unity, Unreal, or your own proprietary tools, we tailor efficient workflows to meet the unique needs of each project. We invite you to lean on us as an extension of your team, one that will always go above and beyond to take your game audio to the next level.

Voice Casting

The importance of finding the right voice artist for your project and making sure he or she sounds great cannot be overstated. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Instead of listening to hundreds or even thousands of demos, our team of producers will do the dirty work for you. Just point us in the right direction, and we’ll find the perfect talent for any project.

Voice Recording

Compromises are not part of our equation when it comes to voice recording. Our acoustically treated booths paired with our top notch equipment yields crystal clear voice recordings second to none. We have experience with a huge range of projects ranging from podcasts to feature films and everything in between! Whether the talent is an “A” list celebrity or everyday person, our engineers are pros at making them feel at ease and sound great.

  • Podcast
  • Audiobooks
  • Commercials
  • Shows
  • Films
  • Radio
  • On hold Messages

Music Library

Stock music doesn’t have to be dull and you don’t have to settle for the same old, played out tracks and libraries you hear everywhere else. The Clean Cuts Music Library offers a boutique, highly customizable catalog of 1000’s of tracks in every genre imaginable. We are a company of musicians, from the staff composers to the engineers, music supervisors and beyond- we are uniquely suited to elevate your project with customized stock music from inception to implementation.

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Music Licensing

Want to license the latest pop hit for your commercial or promo? Hoping to land a classic track for the high profile ad campaign you’re developing? Attaining music rights can be a complicated process, so leave it to us: we’ve got over 30 years of experience in the field. With countless connections in the industry, we’ll help you get the publishing and performance rights for your desired song, so you can focus on bringing your creative to life.